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03 March 2009 @ 06:52 am
Yes! My mom's computer was fixed and I am very slowly picking back up where I was. Which means getting old bookmarks set up and getting slowly back into the swing of writing and other things. I still don't have my lap top back, because well... that's a loooooooong story that if I go into I'll probably wind up writing in all caps for 50 paragraphs. So we won't go there ^_^

In other news. I got a new one-shot posted up today! I'm quite pleased with it to be honest. It is the .... 4th or 5th installment in my Bob/Mikey M-preg story, so go check it if you please. Linkage is here ^_^. Enjoy.

That's all for me for now!

Peace Out,
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25 February 2009 @ 11:05 am
Okay, so, well. I have no computer right now and am at the mercy of library computers. Which means, I'm only getting internet for 30-60 minutes at a time. However, today my mom is getting her computer fixed -cheers loudly- So maybe, JUST MAYBE I'll have a computer again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets all hope, because until then I am one very bitchy person. I hate not having a computer, I can't do fuck shit right now. AND I have to go to two different libraries because, one only lets you on for 30 fucking minutes at a time and the other one you can sign up for an hour at a time, but they only give you two fucking hours a mother fucking day, so I'm screwed.

Oh well, I shouldn't complain, at least I can get on. However there is a bright side!!!! I just remembered about this one center where I can get on the computer for as long as I want to!!!! I'm so fucking going there today if my mom's computer isn't fixed by the time my Doctor's appointment is over.

-crosses fingers-

Let's just pray that it is.

In other news, I've become totally obsessed/addicted to Death Note, the Anime! It's sooooooooo amazing! THANK YOU FOR TURNING ME ONTO IT GEEBEAR!!!!

Okay well I'm leaving now to go [hopefully] get a reply out to my GeeBear before I get kicked off.

Till we meet again.

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14 January 2009 @ 03:21 am
Thanks to stalking a certain writer who I love, I have found something to amuse me. :D A slogan maker website, which you can find here. So here they are....

Have a Frikey and Smile. [Okay!]

A Finger of Frikey is Just Enough to Give Your Kids a Treat.

Frank Iero Tested, Mother Approved! [FUCK YEAH!!!!]

The Ultimate Frank Iero Machine!

The Mikey Way Sign Means Happy Motoring!

It's the Mikey Way Fizz That Does The Bizz! [Yes, yes it is ;D]

Get the Door - It's Slash. [>.<]

My Goodness, My Fanfiction. [:D]
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25 September 2008 @ 05:35 am
ANGEL!!!!!! [angellovestoro]

This is going to contain videos, Toro pic spam, Cello pic spam,Piano pic spam, and that's all I can think of for now =D So click away, and enjoy the insanity that represents my friendship with Angel.

FRankie or SAmmy or TR or TJ
Oh wait, before I make this cut, I should warn you, some... most of these are very mature and dirty. Just thought you'd like to know. ;D Okay now...

Read on, but be prepared to bust a gut!Collapse )
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18 August 2008 @ 02:05 am
Why did you choose your user name? Is there any special meaning or story behind it?

I chose my name because when I joined LJ I wanted to live my life the way I wanted to live it. I was just coming into my skin as a lesbian and a writer.

As for the 33, 3 is a divine number so it's there as sort of a symble of my own devintiy.
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30 July 2008 @ 02:33 pm
Title: Pickup Truck Kink
Author: my_life_myway33
Pairing: Mikey/Bob/Gerard
Summary:Bob treats Mikey to his dream night, pain included.
Disclaimer:Fake, totally made out of the depths of my disgusting mind. I don't own, don't know.
Warnings:It’s dirty, it’s very dirty. There’s blood drawn, candle wax, beatings, other kinky things, and incest.


I giggled softly as I looked up at the star filled sky. It was a beautiful night and my boyfriend Bob had picked me up in his brand new, black, pickup truck. It was a beautiful piece of machinery and the man who drove it was just as beautiful.
We were laying in the bed of the truck, with a sleeping bag below us to protect us from the harsh coldness of the bed floor and a candlelight picnic to eat. I shifted slightly to get a little more comfortable then looked over at my boyfriend of two years and smiled when he looked back.
“This is really nice,” I said moving to kiss Bob softly on the lips, “Thank you for it.”
“Well we haven’t spent much time together in the last two weeks and I really missed you.”
I giggled girlishly and moved to kiss him again, “I missed you too. With all the final exams I’ve had I’m surprised I even remember what you look like. I’ve had to look at so many body’s it’s scary.” I was currently in my last year at Johns Hopkins University, studying premed. I loved it, I was going to be a pediatrician and take care of kids. Bob was studying to be a neurosurgeon.
“I know, I’ve been looking at brains for days, but now I just want to forget it for a little while.”
I giggled softly and kissed him again, a lot hotter this time. The kiss was more intense with more passion behind it. His hand fisted in my hair tugging on it lightly. I moaned, the tugging of my hair was a major turn on for me and Bob damn well knew it. He grinned into the kiss and ran one hand down my clothed chest to my growing erection. He cupped me and squeezed lightly, with just enough pressure to let me know his hand was there, but nowhere near enough to give me any kind of relief. I moaned again and bucked my hips into his hand.
“We need to christen the truck baby,” Bob whispered in my ear. I whimpered and moaned again as Bob’s hand now rubbed me through my skin tight jeans.
The constriction of the fabric made it painful to get any harder then I already was, but Bob was working on making me harder than ever before, and succeeding at it. I wiggled under his touch, now whimpering at the pain he was causing me, but finding it even more arousing. Bob knew I craved pain and he was always ready to give it.
Bob stopped rubbing me and moved to slowly open my shirt, “We’re going to play a little game tonight Mikey.”
“What kind?” I panted out.
“One you’ll like,” Bob responded finally getting my shirt open and making me sit up so he could take it off. My erection was still encased in the tight fabric and throbbing with pain. “One you’ll probably love.” Bob folded my shirt and tied it around my head, “Baby turn around okay?”
I did as instructed and moved so my head was resting on the edge of the tailgate. Bob took my hands and stretched them over my head, “Does that hurt?” Bob asked.
“No,” I said.
Bob pushed on my shoulder to push me down more, away from the end, “Now?” He asked stretching my arms to a slightly painful distance.
“Okay.” I felt handcuffs hit my wrists and knew he was handcuffing me to the trailer hitch on the end of the truck. I knew by the end of this night I’d be sore as hell.
“If you need a break baby, just lift your arms back and up and you’ll get lose.”
“Okay,” I said knowing I wouldn’t dare release myself, no matter how bad it hurt. Bob was always sweet like that, he could whip me till I bled, and trust me he had, but he’d always make sure I had an out if I needed or wanted it. I had yet to take it.
Bob left my unbearably tight jeans on; probably knowing it was causing me pain and pleasure, but took off my socks and shoes. I heard him moving around on the truck and a moment later felt his hand splayed out on my chest, “Hot wax,” he warned before pouring it onto my chest. I arched my back whimpering and moaning at the same time as it burned into my skin.
Bob trailed the wax down my torso to the waistband of my jeans then back up avoiding my nipples and up to my neck. I suddenly felt hot breath on my neck and shivered slightly, “Tonight, bitch, I’m going to take you to new heights in pain.” When I didn’t respond to him in the right way, he yanked my hair backwards, forcing my neck to crack with the force of the tug, “Did you hear me?”
“Yes master I can’t wait!” I gasped out, wiggling slightly in pain.
“Good.” He smacked me across the face, “That’s for not answering.” Next he pinched and twisted my nipples hard, “That was just for fun. Promise you’ll tell me to stop if you need it?” Bob’s voice had gone softer with his question and I nodded in response.
“I promise,” I said smiling to reassure him.
“Okay, good. Now do you want me to tell you what I’m doing or not?”
“Surprise me.”
I felt Bob take hold of my left ankle and wrap a rope around it, he tighten the rope until it just began to cut into my skin then tied it to the truck so my leg was stretched to a pleasurably painful length. He repeated his actions on my right ankle then ran his hand up my leg.
His fingers nimbly caressed my jeans, making the skin below tingle and my already hard member get harder and more painful. I felt his fingers trail up my inner thigh to my zipper and begin to play with it lightly, “Maybe I should let you free, what do you think bitch?”
“Do as you please master,” I replied knowing it would piss him off enough to smack me or pinch me, which he did. He pinched my side and twisted the skin painfully.
“Give me a better answer, slut.”
“Let me free, please,” I begged trying to push my hips upwards, but finding it impossible.
“Why should I?”
“Because I need to be free, it hurts in there.”
“I thought you liked pain.” Bob ran his fingertips over the wax and slowly pealed the wax off my skin.
“I do,” I whimpered arching my back as he pulled some skin off with the wax.
“Then why do you want me to let you free?”
“I don’t, I like the way it feels,” I finally confessed.
“So you lied to me?”
“Yes master.”
“Little slut.” Bob dug his nails into my side until I felt them cut me and blood start to trickle slightly. “Don’t ever lie to me again.”
“I won’t, I promise master.”
“Good. Now, I have a surprise for you.”
I heard another set of footsteps climbing up onto the truck then someone bent down to my ear and whispered huskily, “Hi Mikey.”
I shivered happily and arched my back in pleasure, “Oh God,” I whimpered. I felt the lips of the other man begin to skim my neck before they found my jugular and bit down roughly, “Fucking vampire,” I whimpered.
“Always have been baby brother,” Gerard whispered in my ear.
I felt a smack across my face sting my cheek, “Don’t talk to our guest like that Mikey,” Bob said harshly.
“Sorry sir,” I said submissively.
“Gerard here has come with a few provisions.”
“You didn’t,” I gasped praying he hadn’t brought what I thought he did.
“No, I didn’t bring that.”
“Thank God,” I said letting out a huge sigh of relief.
“Mikey…” Bob warned.
“Sorry, I’m sorry,” I said quickly, shifting a little as my dick gave out a hard throb.
“Fuck Mikey you have a huge wet spot on the front of your jeans, are you that turned on?” Gerard asked, running his finger over my bulge
“Yes,” I whimpered trying to shift away from his hand, the pain was becoming almost unbearable and I knew if I got any more aroused, I’d have to ask Bob to let me free.
“God,” Gerard whispered rubbing me harder than before. I moaned and arched my back feeling myself so close to coming it was painful.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I began to chant feeling myself right on the brink. Suddenly Gerard’s hand was ripped away from me and I whimpered, dropping my hips back down to the truck.
“What was that for?” Gerard asked.
“He was going to come.” Bob answered simply. I whimpered again as Gerard now began teasing me. He trailed one finger along my erection, but it was just enough, “Gerard stop, seriously he’s really close.”
I threw my head back and moaned loudly when Gerard suddenly bit down on my side and cupped me hard. I exploded into my pants moaning loudly and throwing my hips into the air.
I heard Gerard’s childish giggle as he moved to kiss my side where he had bit down, “Well oops,” he said still giggling. “That’s one pair of good pants ruined.”
I dropped back to the truck bed panting heavily when my head thrown to the side. I felt Bob’s hand take hold of my cheeks and turn my head roughly towards his body, “Did I tell you you could come?” Bob asked removing my blindfold. I saw his blue eyes normally so full of warmth now icy and menacing.
“N-no,” I stuttered out fear over taking the last waves of pleasure in my body.
“No I didn’t, did I?” I shook my head no, “Then why did you?”
“I coul-couldn’t stop it. Gerard, he was…”
“Don’t you dare blame this on Gerard.”
“No Bob it was my fault…” Bob held up a hand, silencing Gerard at once.
“You’re going to be punished for what just happened, do you understand?”
“Yes sir,” I said feeling anticipation running through my veins.
“First I’m going to kiss you, and you will bleed.” I whimpered as his lips slammed roughly to mine and he bit down hard enough to make me bleed right off. He sucked on my lower lip before moving to now bite my upper lip, not quite as hard this time.
“Bob, can… can I?” Gerard asked softly, running a finger down my chest.
Bob pulled away from the kiss and nodded, “You’re going to watch what he’s about to do to you,” he said getting between my arms and propping my head up on his legs.
I licked my lips at Gerard’s evil grin. He pulled out his prized possession from his pocket, his pocket knife with a bat carved into it. I closed my eyes for the briefest of moments then opened them to watch him lower the blade to my bite marked side. He carefully slid the blade across my skin making it sting slightly and sending pleasure straight down to my limp dick and bringing it back to life.
“Is this okay?” Gerard asked tentatively and, while I had never been cut before, I nodded loving every second of it. “Can I go deeper?” I nodded franticly and begged him to go deeper. Gerard smirked at me through one side of his mouth and dug the blade in deeper.
I fought off the urge to arch high not wanting to make the blade go into my side all the way, I clenched my fists and curled my toes in an effort not to arch. I began to pant as sweat popped out on my skin, while Gerard’s blade found new patches of skin to mark.
Soon Bob was pulling the wax from my chest causing me even more pain, but also more pleasure. I was panting and moaning like a mad man, my hips rolling around in a circle as another climax approached. I threw my head back into Bob’s lap and let out a loud moan of pleasure.
“Don’t you dare,” Bob warned.
“I gotta. I gotta,” I squeaked out, my voice much higher than ever before.
“Don’t you dare Mikey. Gerard stop,” Bob said and Gerard instantly pulled away from me. I whimpered as the blindfold was lowered back in place, “When you’re calm, we’ll come back,” he whispered in my ear.
I whimpered as I heard then jump from the back of the truck. I was left, half exposed, in the cold night air with an erection so big it was painful with bleeding cuts and wax on my neck. I was panting like a dog left out in the heat with no water for hours on end, my chest heaving hard and sweat dripping down my forehead.
I knew the only way they would come back was if I calmed my breathing and relaxed my body, so I started my relaxation exercises. Taking slow breaths in and then letting it out slowly. It took me ten minutes to finally get calm and relaxed. I closed my eyes below the blindfold and turned my head to the side to show them that I was really relaxed at last.
I heard the doors to the cab shut and feet approach. I smiled lightly and turned my head towards one of the footsteps.
“Aren’t your arms killing you baby?” Bob asked from my other side.
I turned my head towards him and nodded, “A little.”
“You want to take them down?”
I shook my head, “Naw I’m fine.” The blindfold was lifted off and Bob grinned down at me.
“You sure?” I nodded and shifted a bit, “So are you ready for part two?”
“Yes sir.”
“This is your favorite part.”
I bit my lip and tried to avoid moaning as Bob slowly pulled my belt out of its loops. I whimpered as he folded it in half then snapped it over my face. Finally I moaned as he brought the belt down across my already aching stomach. Gerard went to work on getting the rest of the wax off of me while Bob created new welts on my stomach and sides.
My erection was back, full force and causing me more pain than the belt was. I wined and bucked my hips upwards, “Do you need to be let out?” Bob asked moving to kiss my neck.
“Please,” I breathed out just as Gerard bit down hard on my shoulder.
Bob untied my legs and I bent my knees to help him get my jeans and briefs off. I lifted my hips and he pealed the fabric off me. Once I was completely naked Bob retied my feet to the sides of the truck and began whipping my legs with the belt.
I whimpered and moaned at the same time. Gerard was biting me all over, finding it pleasurable to bit quite hard on my nipples then licking them and biting down again.
Five more minutes of this treatment had me arching high off the sleeping bag and pleas falling from my lips. Most consisted of soft, “Fuck me,” pleas. Over and over again I pleaded with them to stop torturing me and to start fucking me roughly. “Please, oh God please,” I begged.
Suddenly I felt two fingers shove into me roughly and unlubed. I screamed in pain and gasped for breath as the ultimate pleasure from that had stars exploding in front of my eyes, “Shit, I’m so sorry,” Gerard said carefully removing his fingers.
I panted and arched my hips again, “Its fine Gerard,” Bob said softly rubbing my legs.
“Is fine,” I panted out, opening and closing me eyes.
“Are you sure?” He asked and I nodded.
“Did you see his dick?” Bob asked and Gerard must have given a negative response because Bob went on to explain, “It got bigger, and twitched hard, he probably almost climaxed from it. Didn’t you slut?”
I nodded and closed my eyes again, “Y-ye-yes sir.”
“But he didn’t, and for that he gets a special treat.” I had my eyes clamped shut so I didn’t see what Bob was doing, but I felt it. I felt his hot, moist lips surround my head and slowly slide down my shaft and two more fingers shoved into me at the same time.
I moaned like the whore I was when the ultimate pleasure of Bob’s lips wrapped around me and Gerard’s fingers found my prostate. I could feel my climax getting closer, but knew I had better hold off or I would be in really big trouble. Unless I got permission, “Bob, can I please come?” I begged through heavy pants.
Bob pulled off my erection, grazing his teeth along the length as he did so, “Not yet, we have one more thing in store for you.”
I felt the fingers retreat from inside of me and my legs being untied and my hands being uncuffed. I rolled my shoulders a little and slowly sat up. I watched as Bob and Gerard stripped down to nothing.
“Baby, do you remember how I once mentioned a double penetration?”
“Y-yes,” I said softly.
“Well, I want you to try it, please. If it hurts too much we’ll stop, I promise.”
I bit my lip and gulped slightly, but nodded. Bob’s whole face lit up and he moved to kiss me softly on the lips, thanking me silently. I kissed back, running my fingers through his short hair and holding him close. I was up on my knees and this time I felt three, lubed up, fingers press into my entrance. I knew they weren’t Bob’s because one of his hands was on my lower back and the other in my hair, plus I knew the feeling of Bob’s fingers.
I sighed and spread my legs a little more to let Gerard have better access. Soon he had four fingers working into me, and he was stretching me as much as he could. I moaned into Bob’s mouth when Gerard struck my prostate.
Bob lifted his hand from my lower back and soon I felt one of his fingers probing, and then pushing into, my entrance, now adding five fingers inside of me. It was becoming painful as far as I was stretched, but I knew I had much more to go. Soon Bob was adding a second lubed finger now making it six fingers. I panted and broke away from the kiss to rest my head on Bob’s shoulder.
“Are you okay?” Bob whispered in my ear as I moaned out in pain. I shook my head a little and whimpered, “Do you want to stop?”
I shook my head again, “Just wait to add another.”
“Okay, let me know if you need us to stop.” Bob kissed my neck softly multiple times.
I felt Gerard’s finger press into me farther and moaned when he brushed my prostate, “Fuck,” I moaned and pushed myself back into the probing fingers.
“Are you ready for more?” Bob asked licking the shell of my ear. I nodded franticly as Gerard kept brushing my prostate with his finger and Bob added another finger.
Before I knew it I had all eight fingers inside of me and I was moaning for more. They slowly withdrew their fingers and I felt Gerard move up behind me. “I’m going to lie down, and you sit down on my dick okay?” Gerard whispered in my ear.
I nodded and did as instructed. Moaning the whole time I sunk down onto him. Once I had him back inside of me I leaned back to lay down on Gerard’s chest, propping myself up with my hands on either side of Gerard’s head.
Bob moved forward, “You ready?”
I nodded and closed my eyes when I felt Bob’s head press at my already full entrance. He slowly pressed into me stretching me much farther than the eight fingers had. I threw my head back and regulated my breathing to help diminish the pain. “Holy shit,” Bob panted in my ear.
“What?” I gasped out.
“I’m in all the way and it feels so good.”
“Mmmmm,” I hummed then licked my lips.
“Are you okay?”
“Mhm,” I half lied. The pain was harsh and almost unbearable, but at the same time felt good, kind of.
“You’re soft, are you sure?”
“Yeah, just go on.”
“Okay,” Bob said kissing my neck softly and slowly pulling out.
Bob started it, he pulled out then sank back in a few times, trying to loosen me up more, then they set up a rhythm. When Gerard pushed in Bob pulled out, then Bob would push in and Gerard would pull out. Soon one of them was striking my prostate dead on, bringing my soft member back to life.
I threw my head back and moaned in pure pleasure, the pain all gone by now. They were going really slowly and it was starting to drive me wild, “Faster!” I pleaded loudly.
“Are you sure?” Bob asked; his lips on my ear, his voice husky and deeper than normal.
“Yes! Oh God Yes!” I pleaded, my head falling back father exposing my neck to Bob’s teeth and tongue. He put the exposed flesh to good use, nipping and licking me while Gerard did the same to my shoulder.
Bob began to go faster and Gerard soon followed. They were going at me fast and hard now and it was sending me to orbit. My mouth fell open in pure pleasure.
Soon my eyes were rolling to the back of my head caused by Bob’s hand wrapping around my leaking member. “You can come whenever baby,” Bob whispered in my ear.
“Close,” I moaned. I began to bounce myself trying to get them to go faster and deeper and finding it hard.
“Oh God, fuck, I’m going to come,” Gerard gasped out below me. My muscles clenched around the positioning members which made Gerard scream his pleasure and suddenly I was filled with a warmth I knew was only due to an unloading member. Gerard thrust up into me hard shoving his whole self into me and making Bob fall out. I lifted my hips up and pushed them down to help Gerard ride out his climax.
The moment I heard him hiss in pain as his member became too sensitive to take the stimulation any more I pulled off and moved off of him. Bob moved with me. I lifted my arms above my head which made Bob laugh. He grabbed the rope and tied me to the truck again. I giggled and lifted my hips up and pushed them towards Bob.
Bob moved forward and slammed into me roughly, burring himself into me all the way in one stroke. I moaned and threw my head back in pleasure.
It took maybe ten strokes of Bob’s hand to have me coming hard and screaming in pleasure while Bob unloaded into me. Bob collapsed on top of me and we both gasped for air.
We laid there for a few moments when I heard footsteps getting closer to us and soon there was a flashlight shining on us. I blinked into the light and turned my head away from the bright light. “Sirs we got complaints of screaming coming from here, is everything okay?” One of the cops said.
Bob slowly pulled out of me and untied me from the truck. “Everything is fine officer.” Gerard said pulling on some clothes.
The officer ran his flashlight over my body and asked me specifically, “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” I mumbled, blushing a deep red.
Bob got out a bottle of water and washcloth and poured some of the water onto the cloth. He moved over to me and carefully began to clean me up, washing away the blood. One of the cops reached out and took his hand, “Stop. Sir are you sure you’re okay?”
“I’m fine,” I said taking the cloth off Bob and starting to clean my own cuts.
“You don’t look fine.” The cop persisted.
“What are you suggesting?” I asked looking up from my task.
“You were screaming, and tied to the truck. You’re bleeding, cut, bruised, and whelped in multiple places. You also have bite marks all over your body. Are you sure you’re okay?”
“I’m just fine. All of this was done with my permission.”
“You have rope burn.”
“It’s from the ropes, sir, really I asked for this,” I said going back to cleaning up my cuts. Bob came over with antiseptic ointment and band-aids for all the cuts, I giggled softly, “How long have you been planning this?”
“A few weeks.”
“I love you,” I whispered. He looked up at me and smiled widely and moved forward to kiss me passionately on the lips.
“I love you too,” Bob said pulling away from the kiss and going back to bandaging me up. Gerard handed me my shirt and a clean pair of pants he pulled out of a bag he had brought with him. I hadn’t even noticed the bag, but then again I was a tad busy.
It took us a good ten more minutes to get rid of the cops and when we finally did it was three in the morning. Bob and I drove off in the truck and Gerard took his car home. Bob dropped me off at my dorm room and kissed me softly wishing me a goodnight and sweet dreams. I wished him the same and ran up to my room.
I carefully, and quietly opened my door to find the light still on and my roommate, Frank, sitting up reading a book. “Oh hey,” I said opening the door the rest of the way and walking in.
“Hey where have you been?”
I blushed lightly and walked towards my bed, “With Bob…”
“What did you two do?”
“Come on, I want details!”
“Can this wait? I need to get some sleep, I have a test tomorrow afternoon and I need a little sleep.”
“No, come on what kind of painful things did he do tonight?”
I sighed and lifted my shirt off, “I wasn’t with just Bob.”
“Oh God, was it Gerard? Did you finally get your fantasy?”
I giggled and nodded, “Yeah and the things they did to me. Dear God.”
“Oh details!”
I spent the next hour and a half describing to Frank what had gone on with me in the back of that truck. I told him everything, from the food we ate at the beginning to when the cops showed up at the end. He was laughing hysterically as I told him about the cops. He thought it was hilarious that they would even think I was being raped and tortured. I just found it annoying.
He begged me to see the cuts so I showed him without removing the gauze and tape Bob had put there to bandage me up. He traced some of the whelp marks and burns on my chest with his fingertip awing at how much pain I could take.
“I just don’t get it, what’s so pleasurable about feeling pain?” He asked at the end of my tail.
“I don’t really know, it just really turns me on; and it’s not just about the pain.”
“What else is it?” He asked sitting back against the wall.
“Being dominated completely. Being at the mercy of a single person. Bob, he’s amazing and I love to be dominated by him, because I trust him. It’s sexy. Plus you should see him when he’s being all dominate; it’s just so damn sexy.”
“Wow, I’m going to have to try that one day.”
“Yeah, you really will. So what have you been up to?” I asked going to change into my pajamas.
“Studying and talking to Ray on the phone.”
“Aww how is he?”
“Fine and lonely, we both are, but he’s coming back next semester so we will be reunited.”
“Good. Well I’m going to go to bed. I’m really tired and very sore.”
Frank giggled and nodded, “I bet you are. I think I’m going to hit the sack too.”
“Mkay.” I climbed into bed, under the soft covers and closed my eyes. I was half asleep when my phone started to ring. I picked it up and yawned out a, “Hello?”
“Hi baby.” Bob’s sweet voice floated out towards my ear.
I sighed and smiled, “Hey.”
“Are you in bed?”
“Yeah I am. I’m tired.”
“I bet. I just wanted to tell you to take some aspirin before you go to sleep to help with the soreness and stiffness of tomorrow.”
“Oh thanks, hang on okay?”
I put the phone down and reached out for the bottle of aspirin I kept by the bed and a glass of water. I downed two pills then picked the phone back up, “All done.”
“Okay, go on to sleep. I love you.”
“Mmmm, love you too. Night,” I yawned.
“Night baby. Sweet dreams.”
“Sweet dreams,” I mumbled then hung up the phone and quickly fell asleep.