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FRankie or SAmmy or TR or TJ
26 November 2030 @ 05:20 am

sawblade_x made these banners for me, because she's the most amazing, best, perfectest Sissy

Yep, it's happened. This is now a friends only journal. Almost all of my posts will now be friends only, however anything pertaining to my stories will not be.

You must comment to be added or you will be rejected. I will be a bitch about this and I'm sorry. I will not be attacked in my own journal again. [and yes it's happened, hence the 'again']

No random adds, if I'm feeling nice I'll ask you who the fuck you are and why the fuck are you adding me, if not. Well, I'll just block you. Get it? Got it? Good.

And when you comment, tell me a few things.

Who you are [aka name]:
Where you found me:
Why you want to add a loser like me:
And anything else you think I need to know:

Thank you all!

[Oh PS, no old friends are being deleted.]
[PPS, If I cannot send you a message, don't even bother to add me.]

Old banner.
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FRankie or SAmmy or TR or TJ
Hey everybody! I need your help! I'm on this site called A7Xsearch and what you do is it's just like Google, {and just as good too}, it's a search engine, only, when you search you can randomly earn what they call Swag bucks! You earn then and redeem prizes, all kinds of things, from pictures of Avenged Sevenfold to an iPhone!

I'm desperately trying to get a prize, but it's 750 swag bucks and I only have 14. So here's where you come in!

Click on the banner below, and join the site, then start searching! Every buck you earn, I earn too!

Let me know if you join please? You must use this banner though for it to help me out. Thanks to anybody willing to help in advance.

It's not a scam. They never ask you for money or bank account numbers. The only personal information they ask for is your home address and email address. I have a friend who's already gotten a picture from them and I've seen proof of it.

And you don't need to download anything, unless you want to.

Search & Win
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FRankie or SAmmy or TR or TJ
17 September 2028 @ 02:28 am
Links will be added as I write for each prompt.

Already Been AddedCollapse )

After some more research I've realized most of these communities haven't been adding for several months, some for over a year so I'm pretty sure I'll never be add.

I'll still write for them, because I want to, but.... yeah.

Waiting to be AddedCollapse )

Prompt Table Banners
FRankie or SAmmy or TR or TJ
16 September 2028 @ 05:39 am
I've made banners for each of my prompt tables. In each fic that is related to that prompt the banner will be at the top of the post, but only in thefrictionzone. This is to make my life a little easier so when I get the emails I can tell where someone's commented. Each banner is clickable and will take you to said prompt community.

BannersCollapse )

Prompt Tables

Also, if you'd like a banner for anything, let me know. I love making them.
FRankie or SAmmy or TR or TJ
18 November 2026 @ 09:56 am
Hey all!

So, my friend and I have set up this new site all for band slash rping! We're still trying to get off the ground so come on by and rp with us! Even if you're new we're more than happy to help you learn!

Band Slash Roleplaying Site
FRankie or SAmmy or TR or TJ
06 August 2026 @ 02:11 am
Hola all!

From now on, all my stories and jazz will be posted here.


There's my stuff as well as my friend's stuff with a couple joint stories! So come check us out =D

Banner by holyfroraytoro [you rock!]
FRankie or SAmmy or TR or TJ
12 February 2012 @ 06:40 pm
What song is stuck in your head?

First Date by Danko Jones

FRankie or SAmmy or TR or TJ
07 September 2010 @ 07:46 pm
So basically, this is where the list for all my upcoming pairings in my story Lights, Camera, Action! will be put and updated regularly. I am posting this story on Mibba as well as here, I'm not posting on Mibba any longer, but the list still may get long and at some point I will cut off requests.

List here.Collapse )
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FRankie or SAmmy or TR or TJ
26 April 2009 @ 05:42 pm
So where should we start? I'd say, let's start wiiith... FRIDAY!!!!

So last Friday [as in April 24, 2009] I had a pretty bad morning. Long story short I was in pain and had decided not to go to this concert with my friend. I felt it was a bad idea. Eventually my mom talked me into going so at 12 I began to pack and left at 2. I picked my GeeBear up from school at 2:20 then we headed back to her crib so she could grab her shit and we could hit the Metro [Subway/l/whatever] by 3:30 to make it up to Maryland.

Well when we pulled up to her house her mom was outside and walked up to us and asked if I'd rather drive. FUCK YEAH I WOULD!!!! Gee and I were like... shocked, because her mom doesn't trust me driving her daughter, which I totally get, precious cargo and all. So when she suggested I drive, like... woah. Anyway. Gee's mom still had to ask her dad, A, about it so she went in and asked and even more shockingly A said yes! So I went inside with Gee and waited for her to finish packing then we hit the road!

And hour and a half later we pulled up to her friend, J's, house went in and got settled. I crashed at 9:00 cuz I'm a loser like that. Then woke up at 4:00 [yes AM] and wound up reading till everyone else got up, around 11. Read the entire book! {The Black Book Of Secrets, I highly recommend it!} Then we had breakfast and hit the road!

So wanna know who we saw? I'm sure you do!

We saw....

~50 Cent [could have shot myself.]
~All Time Low [Dude! They're local! They were AMAZING!!!!]
~Cobra Starship [FTFW!!!!]
~Hey Monday [<3]
~Fall Out Boy [FTMFW!!!!]

[there was someone else there, but they were rappers so idk who they were.]

The show was fucking awesome! We got there around 1ish I'd say and we were in line till 5. We, being me, Gee, and J and J's mom, all got Pit bands which gave us the freedom to enter and leave the pit at will!!!! [Sadly I could not go into the pit. Bad back, long story. =(] anyway. So when we finally got in Gee took me to the handicapped seats [cuz I was in a wheelchair] where I met this awesome dude!

I got so many pictures and video! God it was amazing! There just aren't words to describe it! Every second was perfect! I screamed myself hoarse and Gee got to almost TOUCH PETE!!!! That lucky bitch. -glares at her GeeBear- anywhore!

We didn't get home till almost midnight and I didn't crash till 4 then we drove home. It was so amazing! I got 2 t-shirts. A white FOB shirt and a black Cobra shirt! I have pics that I'll post later. Not many good ones to be honest, but I got awesome video!

During ATL someone threw their bra on stage and one of the guys put it on -giggles- ^_^ It was amazing!

Wanna see my show?
Catch us on MTV on May 18th!!!!


P.S. The show was literally 2 days before the 2 year anniversary of my MCR concert and at the same venue!!!! 4/27/07 & 4/25/09 Best days everrrrrr!!!!
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FRankie or SAmmy or TR or TJ
27 March 2009 @ 10:31 pm

Want to be a swaggernaut too? Click the banner and help me out too! Please? -bats eyelashes-

Search & Win

If you have any questions, feel free to message/comment me and I'll answer whatever I can.
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