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26 April 2009 @ 05:42 pm
Updation of Epic Porportions!!!!  
So where should we start? I'd say, let's start wiiith... FRIDAY!!!!

So last Friday [as in April 24, 2009] I had a pretty bad morning. Long story short I was in pain and had decided not to go to this concert with my friend. I felt it was a bad idea. Eventually my mom talked me into going so at 12 I began to pack and left at 2. I picked my GeeBear up from school at 2:20 then we headed back to her crib so she could grab her shit and we could hit the Metro [Subway/l/whatever] by 3:30 to make it up to Maryland.

Well when we pulled up to her house her mom was outside and walked up to us and asked if I'd rather drive. FUCK YEAH I WOULD!!!! Gee and I were like... shocked, because her mom doesn't trust me driving her daughter, which I totally get, precious cargo and all. So when she suggested I drive, like... woah. Anyway. Gee's mom still had to ask her dad, A, about it so she went in and asked and even more shockingly A said yes! So I went inside with Gee and waited for her to finish packing then we hit the road!

And hour and a half later we pulled up to her friend, J's, house went in and got settled. I crashed at 9:00 cuz I'm a loser like that. Then woke up at 4:00 [yes AM] and wound up reading till everyone else got up, around 11. Read the entire book! {The Black Book Of Secrets, I highly recommend it!} Then we had breakfast and hit the road!

So wanna know who we saw? I'm sure you do!

We saw....

~50 Cent [could have shot myself.]
~All Time Low [Dude! They're local! They were AMAZING!!!!]
~Cobra Starship [FTFW!!!!]
~Hey Monday [<3]
~Fall Out Boy [FTMFW!!!!]

[there was someone else there, but they were rappers so idk who they were.]

The show was fucking awesome! We got there around 1ish I'd say and we were in line till 5. We, being me, Gee, and J and J's mom, all got Pit bands which gave us the freedom to enter and leave the pit at will!!!! [Sadly I could not go into the pit. Bad back, long story. =(] anyway. So when we finally got in Gee took me to the handicapped seats [cuz I was in a wheelchair] where I met this awesome dude!

I got so many pictures and video! God it was amazing! There just aren't words to describe it! Every second was perfect! I screamed myself hoarse and Gee got to almost TOUCH PETE!!!! That lucky bitch. -glares at her GeeBear- anywhore!

We didn't get home till almost midnight and I didn't crash till 4 then we drove home. It was so amazing! I got 2 t-shirts. A white FOB shirt and a black Cobra shirt! I have pics that I'll post later. Not many good ones to be honest, but I got awesome video!

During ATL someone threw their bra on stage and one of the guys put it on -giggles- ^_^ It was amazing!

Wanna see my show?
Catch us on MTV on May 18th!!!!


P.S. The show was literally 2 days before the 2 year anniversary of my MCR concert and at the same venue!!!! 4/27/07 & 4/25/09 Best days everrrrrr!!!!
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