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17 September 2028 @ 02:28 am
My Prompt Tables  
Links will be added as I write for each prompt.


Prompt table for 30_sweets
Pairing:Bob Bryar/Mikey Way

001.Can I have this? 002.Jelly beans 003.Are you done yet? 004.Sweet tooth 005.One chocolate cake please
006.Huh?; Are you kidding? 007.Dreams 008.Flying Colors 009.Cotton 010.Popcorn; Movies
011.Hey, can I have...... 012.Domo...; Thanks 013.Shut up!! 014.Bite 015.Are you an Idiot?
016.Just kidding 017.Let go 018.Say Cheese!! 019.No, it can't be... 020.Do you mind...
021.Diet 022.Dentist 023.Juice 024.Rainbow 025.Can I? Can I?
026.Hooray!! 027.Cafe 028.What's happening? 029.Won't you get tired of... 030.Sweets
031.Bonus: Syrup; Pancake 032.Bonus: Cheese 033.Bonus: Care to have some 034.Bonus: Yummy 035.Bonus: Haha......

Prompt table for 30_memories
Pairing:Frank Iero/Lance Bass

001.Ten Years Ago... 002.Rings 003.Omamori 004.Lost 005.Do you remember...
006.Annivesary 007.I promise I'll be back... 008.Sunset 009.Figuring 010.I'll miss you
011.Wait for me... 012.Is it you? 013.Wonderland 014.Chimes 015.Silent Night
016.Video Clips 017.Revenge 018.Tears 019.Please forget about me... 020.Diary
021.Bizzare 022.Last meal 023.Pink Carnation (I'll never forget you) 024.Rosemary; Remembrance 025.Zinnia; Thoughts of friends
026.Yellow Tulip; Hopeless Love 027.Love you for a life time 028.Black Rose; Death 029.Sky blue 030.Memories
031.Bonus: Water Lily; Purity 032.Bonus: Quince; Temptation 033.Bonus: Rhododendrun; Danger 034.Bonus: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star 035.Bonus: Eternity

Prompt table for 30_nights
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Mikey Way

001.You were never mine to begin with. 002.I'm willing to sacrifice anything just for you. 003.Find me in the Dark. 004.Darkness in my heart. 005.Release my darkness; Bring me warmth.
006.Stolen Heart. 007.First sunlight after the darkness. 008.One last date.... 009.When all hope is lost. 010.Together itsumo (Together always).
011.You will never look at me. 012.Your love is suffocating me. 013.Paint the night with stars. 014.Guardian Angel. 015.Telling you the truth.
016.You don't know what you have done to me. 017.Black Wings; Wings. 018.Listen to the music at night. 019.Crying all night for you. 020.Never leave me again.
021.Seeking for you. 022.Love you till the very end. 023.Like an art piece. 024.My heart is bleeding for you.... 025.Release of the evils.
026.Frozen moment at the first sight. 027.I'm souless without you. 028.I feel safe with you by my side. 029.I will never hurt you. 030.It hurt to see you cry.
031.Bonus:Finally together. 032.Bonus:I hate to love, but for you I'm willing to... 033.Bonus:I feel peace at night. 034.Bonus:It's hard not to love you. 035.Bonus:I'm poisoned from the very moment.
036.Bonus:Don't worry, I'll always be by your side. 037.Bonus:Threads of Fate. 038.Bonus:Alone at night. 039.Bonus:Hear the thunder roar and the lightning flash. 040.Bonus:It's just a nightmare.

Table made by flakes_of_snow

Prompt table for 30_romances
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Mikey Way

001.Cold hands ; cold feet 002.The subconscious ; Bury 003.Anvil ; Banter 004.Diabolical ; Highest order 005.Trickery ; Magic
006.Soooo not funny! ; Sarcasm 007.Think pink ; Blow 008.Analysis ; Collection 009.Rush ; Thrill ; Exhilaration 010.Dictionary ; Search
011.Mission Impossible ; limitation 012.Gargoyle 013.Heads or tails, you lose ; Dice ; Ace 014.Craven ; Democracy ; Aristocrat 015.Take a hint ; Scram!
016.Crème de la crème ; On top 017.Garden Vista ; Elysium El Dorado ; Carnival 018.Disheveled ; In the Rain ; Thunder 019.Home body ; Bubbles ; Stay 020.Take it in your stride ; Walk
021.The Devil's Advocate ; advocatus diaboli 022.Shadow ; Flame ; Footfall ; Ouch! 023.Roses ; daisies ; carnations ; water lilies ; [Or any random flower] 024.The puppet master ; strings ; control freak 025.Maillot ; paradox
026.Oxymoronic ; Ananias 027.Love, hate and the like ; emotions 028.Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou? 029.Affaire de Cœur 030.Aesthesiogen
031.Bonus: The Library ; Bookshop 032.Bonus: Janitor ; Freak 033.Bonus: Colonge ; Perfume ; Strange smells 034.Bonus: Pins and Needles ; Headache 035.Bonus: Forget-me-not ; memory ; photo

Prompt table for 30_forbidden

001.Bitter 002.Sweet 003.Love 004.Hate 005.Black
006.White 007.Forever 008.Never 009.Past 010.Memory
011.Forget 012.Remember 013.Hidden 014.Dark 015.Unknown
016.Amuse 017.Fear 018.Escape 019.Watch 020.Afar
021.Wait 022.Happy 023.Numb 024.Lonely 025.Forbidden
026.Taste 027.Touch 028.Want 029.Need 030.Close

Prompt table for 10_letters
Pairing: Frank Iero/Lance Bass

001Angel 002Beginnings 003Broken 004Choices 005Circle
006Cry 007Dark 008Death 009Disgust 010Dream
011Drink 012Enemies 013Fall 014Family 015Fire
016Freedom 017Friends 018Green 019Hate 020Heart
021Huh? 022Indifference 023Laugh 024Life 025Light
026Love 027Moon 028Nightmare 029Not Enough 030Rain
031Saved 032School 033Smut 034Soul 035Star
036Storm 037Strangers 038Summer 039Too Much 040Touch
041Triangle 042Water 043Wish 044WTF? 045Years
Writer's Choice:
Writer's Choice:
Writer's Choice:
Writer's Choice:
Writer's Choice:

Prompt table for slash_me_twice
Pairing: Frank Iero/Gerard Way/Lance Bass
I'm doing this one with mcrdrugist

001. Shadow. 002. Light. 003. Truth. 004. Lie. 005. Dare.
006. Solid. 007. Liquid. 008. Danger. 009. Sharp. 010. Blurred.
011. Free. 012. Bound. 013. Magic. 014. Time. 015. Spirit.
016. Chance. 017. House. 018. Street. 019. City. 020. Country.
021. Cage. 022. Arena. 023. Rainbow. 024. Wind. 025. I.
026. You. 027. We. 028. Innocence. 029. Guilt. 030. Spark.
031. Flame. 032. Past. 033. Present. 034. Future. 035. Pause.
036. Progress. 037. Flavor. 038. Aroma. 039. Fabric. 040. Dance.
041. Clean. 042. Dirty. 043. Candle. 044. Fantasy. 045. Reality.
046. Oval. 047. Whole. 048. Incomplete/Partial. 049. Coffee. 050. Animal.
051. High. 052. Low. 053. Trolley. 054. Tower. 055. Carriage.
056. Silver. 057. Butterfly. 058. Mask. 059. Sculpture. 060. Freak.
061. Normal. 062. Meeting. 063. Masterpiece. 064. Ghost. 065. Match.
066. Penny. 067. Mouse. 068. Revenge. 069. Forgive. 070. Science.
071. Kink. 072. Safe. 073. Strip. 074. Flower. 075. Famous.
076. Anonymous. 077. Poison. 078. Cure. 079. Moonlight. 080. Sunbeam.
081. Blood. 082. Metal. 083. Love. 084. Hate. 085. Indifference.
086. Sphinx. 087. Phoenix. 088. Magazine. 089. Ball. 090. String.
091. Plane. 092. Milk. 093. Voice. 094. Lick. 095. Need.
096. Sand. 097. Ice cream. 098. Mail/email. 099. Map. 100. Game.

After some more research I've realized most of these communities haven't been adding for several months, some for over a year so I'm pretty sure I'll never be add.

I'll still write for them, because I want to, but.... yeah.

Waiting to be Added

Prompt table for 100_situations
Pairing:Frank Iero/Lance Bass

001.Disease 002.Bathroom 003.Delirious 004.Autumn 005.River
006.Sunset 007.Relief 008.Silence 009.Night 010.Cry
011.Fair 012.Allergy 013.Death 014.Table 015.Early
016.Criminal 017.Play 018.Numbered 019.Fun 020.Full
021.Pack 022.Taste 023.Bleach 024.String 025.Flu
026.Court 027.Dark 028.Succeed 029.Truth 030.Lies
031.Business 032.Deception 033.Enter 034.Leave 035.Sneer
036.Gun 037.Office 038.Enemy 039.Father 040.Bastard
041.Furious 042.Accident 043.Joke 044.Benign 045.Insult
046.Call 047.Bonus 048.Inside 049.Outside 050.Traffic
051.Hand 052.Lock 053.Trust 054.Drugs 055.Trip
056.Smoke 057.Test 058.Survive 059.Hang 060.Commit
061.Polish 062.Brave 063.Cheeky 064.Rough 065.Struggle
066.Relocate 067.Misguided 068.Scatter 069.Bitter 070.Sweet
071.Aim 072.Lost 073.Confront 074.Forbid 075.Disaster
076.Creature 077.Organize 078.Elevate 079.Safeguard 080.Emerge
081.Wild 082.Fan 083.Sushi 084.Crash 085.Myth
086.Languid 087.Nocturnal 088.Blood 089.Pitch 090.Stash
091.Burst 092.Rush 093.Limited 094.Grim 095.Beautiful
Writer‘s Choice:
Writer‘s Choice:
Writer‘s Choice:
Writer‘s Choice:
Writer‘s Choice:

Prompt table for 30_fluffs
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Mikey Way
Challenge:M-preg [Male Pregnancy]

001.teddy bear; doll 002.a ring; promise 003.transportation; farewell 004.misunderstanding; a heartfelt apology 005.sunrise; sunset
006.beach; park 007.eternity; time 008.the first time around; first impressions 009.daisies; wisterias 010.playing pretend; dress up
011.favorite; dislike 012.food; picnic 013.magic; illusions 014.lies; trickery 015.date; a meeting
016.banter; sarcasm 017.a hot day; ice cream 018.homework; distraction 019.language; translation 020.sunday; morning
021.night sky; veil 022.pets 023.a rose is a rose by any other name 024.heirloom; priceless 025.a distant place; memory
026.carnival; activity 027.diary; secret 028.falling; injury 029.pillow; sleep 030.love; fluff

Prompt table for 30_dates
Pairing: Frank Iero/Lance Bass

001.First Date 002.Cafe 003.The Movies 004.The Mall ; Shopping 005.To the Park
006.Walk ; Stroll 007.Stargazing 008.To a Play 009.Dance ; Rave 010.Party
011.At home ; Lazy Day 012.Theme Park ; Amusement Park ; Carnival ; Circus 013.Garden 014.Vista 015.Picnic
016.Downtown 017.Library 018.Visit at Work 019.First Night Over 020.5 Star Restaurant
021.Beach ; Lake ; Ocean 022.Karaoke 023.Birthday 024.Fireworks ; 4th of July 025.Ice Skating
026.Valentines Day 027.Camping 028.Ice Cream Parlor 029.At the Zoo 030.Cooking
031.Bonus: Candy Shop 032.Bonus: Bike Ride 033.Bonus: Swan Boat 034.Bonus: Kiss in the Rain 035.Bonus: Cloud Shapes
036.Bonus: Photo Album 037.Bonus: Hot Chocolate + Fireplace ; Cold Winter Night 038.Bonus: Morning 039.Bonus: Bowling 040.Bonus: Roses

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